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Last updated on: August 01, 2013



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Diller-Odell School History


The merging of Diller Community Schools and Odell Public Schools began as a high school sports cooperative in the 1998-1999 school year. Beginning with the 2000-2001 school year the schools consolidated academically as well. The Diller Eagles and Odell Tigers then became the Diller-Odell Griffins. The Griffin is a mythical animal that has the upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a tiger or lion, so this was a very fitting mascot for the school. By joining together the schools have been able to offer a greater selection of classes and more clubs. 

Diller-Odell High School, PO Box 188, Odell, NE 68415, 402-766-4210
Diller-Odell Elementary, 315 Smith Street, Diller, NE 68342, 402-793-5570



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